SR-71 Blackbird First Flight 50th Golden Anniversary Coin

<i>SR-71 Blackbird</i> First Flight 50th Golden Anniversary Coin
A SledDriver.com Exclusive!
The premier official coin celebrating the 50th Golden Anniversary of the first flight of the SR-71 Blackbird

This exclusive, polished gold finish commemorative coin features on the obverse a three-dimensional planform of the jet, set in gold against a night sky enameled in the same USAF Federal Standard dark indigo blue paint shade that secretly cloaked the actual aircraft itself.

On the reverse, the coin commemorates the 50-year anniversary of the first SR-71 flight in 1964, along with an enameled rendition of the official Mach 3+ shoulder patch earned by crewmembers.

An impressive two inches in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick, each 50th Anniversary coin comes in a velvet presentation box.